A Career in Education

A Career in Education

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Career in Education

Ivis Swanson

English II

Dr. Marsha Beckwith-Howard

December 15, 2008

This paper will explain why I am choosing a career as an elementary school teacher.
It was about two years ago after having my second child I decided to evaluate my present career. Both my husband and I have careers that include shift differences weekly we are both employed in industries that are determined by how the economy is doing if there is a supply and demand we are forced to take on crazy work hours to keep our jobs and provide for our family. Luckily we currently have my mother helping us out with the babysitting situation, but we will not always be able to depend on that. So my husband and I sat down an agreed that since I had a lot of college hours already that I would be the one to go back and finish my degree. The challenge after that was what career could I choose that would be rewarding, provide a stable working schedule, and beneficial financially that career choice for me would be teaching.

Career as an Elementary School Teacher

When I got married and started having children my priorities changed. Even though I could not afford to stay home I wanted to spend more time with my children. The profession I am in does not allow with my work schedule I sometimes work 13 hour days. I leave when it is dawn and I return home when the sun as already gone down. I will explain to you why the importance of this job change is not only about a better work schedule but the joy that I will receive from finally working for a profession that works on improving young people, encouraging learning, and even though there will be some challenges I will also discuss in this paper how I intend to overcome them.

Career in Teaching

There many reasons why people might go into teaching. According Webb, Metha, & Jordan the main reasons are “ (1) a caring for and desire to work with young people. (2) a desire to make a contribution to...

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