A Character: Makes the Story a Story

A Character: Makes the Story a Story

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Erin Scoby

Brian B. Burt

Introduction to Literature

March 3, 2010


A character in a story is what makes the story a story. Without a character than there would be no point to a story. A character can be anything from a person to a flower, as long as it is doing something in that story. Without a character then the writer would have nothing or anyone to write about. A story is the actions made by the character over a small period of time or over a long period time. Characters lives can get changed throughout a story or they can change the lives of other characters in the story. Most character either represent or reflect on someone or something.

In the story “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” there are two characters that make the story a story, which are Walter Mitty and, his wife, Mrs. Mitty. Walter Mitty represents an old elderly man living with his wife, Mrs. Mitty. He seems to be unhappy with his wife who seems to be nagging him all the time. When Walter is away from his wife he seems to rebel from what his wife tells him. Mrs. Mitty said “Why don’t you wear your gloves,” and right after the story states “Walter put them on, but after she turned and gone into the building and he had driven on to a red light, he took them off again.” This tells that Walter’s character rebels what his wife tells him to do. But Walter does not rebel everything his wife tells him. He follows the simple instructions to what she asked him to do.

In the story “You Remind me of Me” you have many characters that do different things that effect other characters lives. Jonah is a boy that did not rebel like Walter Mitty did. Instead Jonah was a boy that tried to do everything right and tries to stay away from any conflict. Troy was also this way, but in a different kind of way. Troy did rebel like Walter, but in a different way. Troy would rebel to himself, not to anyone in particular. Troy knew that his rebellion to himself was wrong, but he could...

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