A Child Called

A Child Called

After I had finished saying the Lord’s Prayer for what could be the last time

I heard mother yelling at me to get out of the car. I was terrified and relieved at the same

Time. I was afraid of how she was going to kill me and I wondered if it was going

to hurt or not. Knowing my mom, I knew that she was going to make my death as

painful as possible. At that moment I realized that I needed to give God one more chance

and ask him to forgive me for not believing in him and to help me get through this.

I prayed to God again, asking him to please be with me and keep me safe, but

before I could finish praying mother snatched my arm and told me that I had better get

my butt in the house right now. She told them to go into the house and go upstairs. I

knew that she was going to do something really bad if she didn’t want her two angels to

see. Now I was shaking with fright, even though I had always told myself that death

would be better than living in this hell house. Now that it had actually come time for her

to kill me I wasn’t sure that I wanted to die.

She took me by the arm through the living room and the kitchen. She then walked

me into the bathroom. All I could think of was that she was going to drown me. She

started to fill the tub with water. She felt it occasionally to make sure that it wasn’t too

hot. I have no idea why though, because I am sure that she wouldn’t care if she burned

me. When the tub was full all the way to the top, just a little ways from overflowing, she

told me to strip down to underwear and get in. So, doing as she said I took off all of my

clothes except for my underwear and got in. When I was sitting in the tub she

began to push my head under. Her hand was so tight on my head. It was almost as if she

were taking out all of her anger from the past years into this one moment and just pushing

me down as hard as she possibly could. I began to drift off into...

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