A Closer Look at the Definition of Mass Media

A Closer Look at the Definition of Mass Media

Mass Media
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Mass Media
Have you ever had an original thought? Why do we dress the way we do,
watch what we watch or even live the way we do. Through our means of entertainment,
we are guided in how one should live their life. With the technology we have in our
world we are persuaded to believe what is right and what is wrong

The dictionary tells us that mass media is:

"those means of communication that reach and influence large numbers
of people."

Mass media are methods of communicating to a vast amount of people
around the world. Mass Media means things such as Television, Radio,
Newspapers, Internet, Magazines etc; they are a means of communication
to people. The mass media have a few main functions, which include
informing, educating and entertaining us.

Mass communications, like anything for humans, has its advantages
and disadvantages, but mass media has far more advantages to offer the world.
From taking you to a far off land to teaching you about the intricacies of the life
inside a colony of ants, to surfing the Internet for a new chat group to join, we
learn and experience things and events that no humans ever before in history
have experienced through this miracle we call mass media

Mass media brings the information regarding what is happening in politics,
in the life of...

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