A Combat Without a Gun

A Combat Without a Gun

A Combat without A Gun (Escape from Death) Base on a True Story

Could you imagine going to a war without a gun? Anyone who has a common sense will make sure that he or she has a weapon to fight with. That was not the case during the time of the revolution in Nicaragua.

Although people were determined to fight and die for the country, the problem was that not everyone had a gun. It was a well-justified war, in which a great number of the population was involved. On the other hand, the U.S.A, which is one the leading nations around to world helping other countries to have a democracy system, was not involved. They were involved when an American journalist was assassinated by the genocidal regimen. This crime was filmed by another American journalist, and watched by many American citizens and people around the world.

On May 18, 1978, I was lucky to survive a fight in which I didn't have a gun. I just ran to save my life. I was an eighteen-year old when that hostile encounter happened. On that day, the Sandinista Front for National Liberation (F.S.L.N.) made a call to all their members. They decided to have a political activity to celebrate the birth of Augusto Cesar Sandino who was assassinated in the 1930s. So, every neighborhood was supposed to do something for the occasion. Although the dictatorial regimen didn't approve of such a celebration, the organization (The Sandinista Front for National Liberation) decided to go ahead with the political demonstration.

Later on, we went out in the neighborhood wearing ski masks, so we will not recognized by anyone from the government. We were more than fifty "Muchachos"(Guys) whose ages averaged about twenty. We were marching in column formation shouting things such as, "Long live Sandino", Let the Fight Continue", "Freedom or Death, We will triumph", etc. Also, we were painting walls' houses with political propaganda.

About two in the morning, a nightmare...

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