A Comparison of Hul and P&G Ads

A Comparison of Hul and P&G Ads

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Marketing Management

Analysis of Advertisement

Procter and Gamble

Head and Shoulders Shampoo

Target Audience

Girls and Young Women

Message and its clarity

a. Message:
i. “Head and Shoulders protects you hair”
Protection from:

• Heat
• Pollution
• Dust
• Cold
ii. “Prevents Dandruff”
iii. “Provides complete care to dry scalp”

b. Indirect Message: You are lucky when you have good hair and that will happen only when you use Head and Shoulders which provides you complete care.

c. Clarity:
1. Clarity related to protection comes from the locations and backgrounds chosen for each of the above causes in the ad. For example,
Heat: A desert with pyramids that indicates high temperature of the surroundings.

Pollution and Dust: Dusty environment.

Hindustan Unilever

Clinic Plus Health shampoo

Target Audience

Young segment with a basic focus on men

Message and its clarity

Clinic All Clear Total, the dual shampoo with the new ingredient Vita-Ace, not only offers freedom from dandruff by fighting the last dandruff flake, but also adds back lost nutrients to give the consumer great looking hair.

Shahid Kapur, the new brand ambassadors for Clinic All Clear Total personify youth, freshness, confidence and fun which are in perfect synergy with the brand attributes.

The new packaging is contemporary with a unique stylishly designed bottle along with an easy dispensing cap. The eye-catching shape of the bottle is also replicated in the sachets. For the first time in India, the sachet has been so styled that it looks like a bottle.

The main focus of the promotion campaign is to position the Clinic All Clear as a shampoo that offers the consumers a dual benefit of dandruff free, soft & silky hair.

Thus this new ad reveals the new positioning of the brand. The brand has moved from ' No Dandruff ' to "Soft and Silky Hair"...

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