A Complete Business Plan

A Complete Business Plan

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We would like to take this time to acknowledge all those who have been instrumental in making our contribution to this project possible. First of all, we would like to thank ALLAH ALMIGHTY, for giving us the skills, talents, and opportunity to work on such a challenging and exciting project. This project is truly better because of the effort that our teacher, Prof. AWAIS KHALID has put into it.
We are thankful for his guidance and support. Last but not the least we also like to thank our parents for the moral and the financial support.


Executive Summary 3
Background of the Project 8
Introduction of the Organization’s Business Sector 8
Company’s Introduction 9
Competitors 10
Objectives of the Project 12
Industry Analysis 12
Market Analysis 13
Marketing Objectives 14
Marketing Mix 14
Structure of Marketing Department 19
Functions of Marketing Department 20
Market Segmentation Strategies 20
Target Marketing Strategies 22
Product Strategies 23
Brand Positioning 24
Pricing Strategies 25
Promotional Strategies 26
Distributional Strategies 27
SWOT Analysis 28
PEST Analysis 29
Competitors Anaylsis 30
Media Plan 31
Evaluation Criteria 35
Conclusion 36
Appendixes 37
Bibliography 42

Executive Summary

Background of the Project:
The goal of this project is to present a complete business plan. Our prospective business is a café “ThinkHall”. Our objective is to provide a place to our customers where they can arrange their small gatherings, business meetings or social events. For this project large amount of finances are required. So we propose this business plan to capital ventourists to invest in this profitable project.

Introduction of the Organization’s Business Sector:
Although per capita income remains low, there is a large and growing food service sector. The average Pakistani consumer spends 8% of his income on outdoor entertainment. Event management has come to a mature...

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