A Comprehensive Sales Representative Job Analysis

A Comprehensive Sales Representative Job Analysis

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InterClean conducted a comprehensive Sales Representative job analysis in order to develop information about the variety of tasks performed and competencies needed within the Sales Department. Many different applications and uses were envisioned for the resulting report. It is our belief that the job-analysis results will be useful to the InterClean/EnviroTech integration process for a variety of recruitment activities including job design, job specification, employee selection, training, development, and employee performance appraisal. The purpose of this report is to provide InterClean with as much information from the job analysis as possible for such organizational use (Denning, Abrams, & Bays, 1995).

During the course of a year, the Job Analysis Team developed the InterClean Sales Force Task Assessment Inventory (TAI). The TAI was designed using a combination of job analysis methods. The first method was a structured questionnaire, designed using a blend of open and close-ended questions to capture the related tasks and behaviors associated with sales. Each InterClean and EnvironTech sales force member and supervisor was provided with the opportunity to complete the evaluation. Eight employees completed the evaluation form. A form was considered complete if at least 75 percent of the questions were addressed.
The second method was observation, designed to provide an in depth perspective of the job descriptions from an outsiders perspective. Each sales team member was shadowed one day per month over the past 10 months. Without interference the spectator observed the what, why and how of the various job functions of each team member. A total of 100 observations were conducted.

After compiling a year of TAI assessments, developing an organizing scheme, and integrating and eliminating invalid evaluations, the final task specifications emerged.
The TAI provided eight major task specifications, listed in no particular order:
1) Time Management —...

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