A Daughter's Love

A Daughter's Love

December 26, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

Below is the documentation of events as it happened.

November 5 – I rushed my dad to Perpetual Succour Hospital via ERUF at around 1:30 PM. The mere fact that we contacted an ambulance to bring him to the hospital is indication that the situation was critical, and that he needed medical attention ASAP. However, upon arriving at the hospital, it was a few hours after (4 hours to be exact) that he was even attended by the ER personnel (doctor and nurse included). I was first advised to secure a room, and upon transfer to the room it was the only time that they decided that he was to be put into an ICU unit. My dad’s condition upon admission was due to the infected wound on his left leg, a 40-degree fever, and difficulty in breathing.

November 6-25 – my dad was confined in MICU-7 of Perpetual Succour. Let me describe the circumstances of his confinement in the said unit:
1. Visiting hours was only limited to 1 hour maximum each day. In this set-up, my dad had round-the-clock, one-on-one supervision by an ICU nurse.
2. He did not have any bed sores at the time. If there were, it was not even noticeable to merit attention. Bed sores are not a disease in itself, and are mainly due to patients being bedridden for long periods of time. My dad had been in and out of the hospital since August 2006, and he has been immobile since then. However, bed sores were never an issue. During his previous confinements (none of which were in ICU), we always let him sit up on his bed from time to time.
3. I first noticed dad’s bed sores while he was in ICU. At that time, I had full confidence in the ICU staff that they would be able to control it, if not totally heal it. They always asked us to buy medication for it, and there was even a schedule for turning my dad on his side every 2 hours posted on the wall behind his bed. During the first 3 days in ICU, my dad was not able to talk clearly to any of his visitors.

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