A Day in the Er

A Day in the Er

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Ali H.
13 January 2013
Dual Credit English
A Day in The Emergency Room

I had sweaty palms, a flushed face and shaky hands. Needless to say, I was nervous. It was my first day in the ER/ trauma rotation in the hospital and I didn’t know where to go, or who to talk to. Not only was I nervous as can be, but I had no idea what I was getting myself into. A thousand questions raced through my mind, which nurse am I with? Where do I go? What am I going to see?
Apprehensively, I walked down a crowded hallway, shaking at the knees when suddenly, I saw a familiar face! Is that Tyler?!
“Tyler wait!” I yelled. We exchanged nervous smiles and brief small talk.
“Where are you this rotation?” he asked.
“I’m here in ER this month, what about you?”
“Same!” he exclaimed. As that one word came out of his mouth, a wave of excitement shook my body. Knowing he was my rotation partner was the definition of relief. Just as I relaxed, a tall, skinny, red haired lady came up to Tyler and I.
“Are you from career academy?” she asked. As we nodded our heads yes, her sweaty palm wrapped around my wrist without hesitation and she dragged us back to the trauma room.
“Are you our nurse?” I asked, confused.

“There’s no time for questions!” she exclaimed. Tyler and I exchanged confused looks, but nodded and continued on. The tall, red headed woman took Tyler and I to a very large room, filled with medical instruments of all kind. The room was cold, with a negative energy filling the room, giving it a chill. My heart sank, even though I wasn’t sure of what was going on.
“Quick! Somebody go get Dr. D!” I heard a voice yell. As we got back to the room, the tall, red headed woman looked at me and said, “you’re in for an experience.” Within seconds, I saw a stretcher and paramedics rush into the cold room and unload a large body onto the bed. Dr. D frantically ran into the room with a monitor of some sort and began pushing buttons. All I heard the whole time...

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