A Difficult Decision I Had to Make

A Difficult Decision I Had to Make

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A difficult decision I had to make. 1.2

I have made many difficult decisions throughout my life. Sometimes these decisions haven’t been easy to make. There are always questions and sort of insecurities that make some decisions more difficult. These kinds of insecurities, or hesitations are normal in human beings, and all people have faced them at least once or twice in their lives.

One of the most difficult decisions I had to make was because of a matter of integrity. I decided to quit my job as a waiter in a Mexican restaurant in Manhattan last year, without knowing if I was going to find another one. The economy in the United States was worse back then, and finding a job was more difficult than ever. Most of the restaurants around the city were facing difficulties due to the fact that not many New Yorkers were going out to restaurants to eat. That reason made my decision a little bit more difficult.

Every place I work I always try to do my best, and that job was no exception. The managers were really disrespectful to their employees. I worked there for two years. They never said anything disrespectful to me, but seeing and experiencing the bad treatment of others made me feel uncomfortable on many occasions. I needed the money, so I stayed because I had started attending D.I.P. (Day intensive program) English classes at La Guardia Community College. I asked my manager if I could not work the lunch shift anymore and he agreed in the beginning. Suddenly, a few days later, he started to change my schedule. I wasn’t comfortable with that because I was not supposed to work the lunch shift again. I spoke up and told him that I was not going to work the lunch shift anymore even though he had put me on the schedule. He made no effort to hide his anger; he refuse to consider accommodating my school schedule. “You’ll come to work when I tell you to!” he insisted. The inflexibility of my manager caused me great sadness and depression. He knew I was studying;...

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