A Doll's House - Will Nora Come Back

A Doll's House - Will Nora Come Back

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Nora Will Come Back

At the end of A Doll’s House, Nora made a rash decision to leave Torvald. Nora thought that Torvald would save her from Krogstad’s blackmailing but he didn’t see it. Torvald didn’t want to see his life destroyed by this woman’s stupid mistake. Throughout the play, Nora needed Torvald for everything. She always needed money for something and she always got what she asked for. Without Torvald, Nora would be nothing. She would not be able to survive on her own for very long and would ultimately have to return to Torvald or quickly find another man to suit her needs.

Through the entire play, Nora is in need of money. She begs and she begs and she always gets what she wants from Torvald. She does not need to work at all because Torvald makes enough money for the both of them, but Torvald still sees it necessary to judge every situation when she is in need of money. He knows that when she gives Torvald a reason to have the money, she always goes off and buys tons of other things that she did not plan on buying. I assume that no other normal man during those times would comply with a woman’s need for money as much as Torvald does with Nora. There was never a moment in the play where Torvald denied Nora’s request for money. I believe that she would have a hard time with any other man to comply as much as Torvald does.

If Nora leaves Torvald for good, she will be completely broke. She has no job but if she does get one, she will never be as happy as she was with Torvald. A woman like Nora would never be able to make enough money to live comfortably. Unlike Christina, Nora does not have a need to care for her husband and children so she does have the potential to leave Torvald for good. But I do not think that she will be able to supply herself with enough happiness to leave Torvald forever.

I believe that Nora will not be able to sustain herself to leave Torvald. She is in dire need of money every day and she is wasteful with it. I...

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