A Dolls House

A Dolls House

A Dolls House

Do you think there are some characters in the work whose chief role is to convey cultural values?

Torvald Helmer as the representation of cultural values in the 19th century

‘A Dolls House’by Henrik Ibsen is a realism showing of a stereotypical marriage in the 19th century. Torvald Helmer is Noras Husband and they have the typical relationship every couple had in Norway at that time. The cultural values of relationships were very different at that time and Torvalds character is essencial on reflecting them. Women were expected to be submissive to their husbands; husbands were expected to dominate. Women raised the children; men brought home the money. Nora is the perfect fit for the typical submissive married woman from the 19th century. She lives for her husband in every sense and she has no power for taking any kind of decision. Torvald is the one in charge of taking any important decisión and he gives no space for Nora to give her opinion.

Their relationship is based on lies and societys idea of love which s completely fake. Both of them are constantly hiding things from each other and this is reflected with a metaphor in the play. In act 1 Noras kids are playing hide and seek around the house, this is a methaphor of Torval and Noras marriage which is a constant hide and seek. Torvald hides every business matter from Nora because he doesnt think she is capable of understanding and Nora hides her

Torvald thinks he loves his Nora but what he actually likes is the idea of marriage which gives him prestige and makes him feel powerfull because he has a valuable possesion which is his wife.

The story basically shows that Nora has borrowed money from the bank without the permission of a man and how she manages for her husband not to find out. She gets this money in order to pay his husbands treatments beacuse Torvald was going through some serious health issues. The fact that Torvald finding out terrifies Nora so much reflects...

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