A Drame and Romance Film

A Drame and Romance Film

A film I watched recently and which I really enjoyed is Nicholas Sparks’s (novel) and Karen Janszen’s (screenplay) A Walk to Remember.This is the 2002 production brilliantly directed by Adam Shankman.The main actors of this film are Shane West in the role of Landon Carter, Mandy Moore in the role of Jamie Sullivan and Peter Coyote in the role of Reverend Sullivan.It is a drama and romance film

The film is set in North Carolina It tells the story of a wild child Landon Carter and devoted reverend’s daughter Jamie Sullivan. Its first half is at times a little dark, as seeing Landon’s mistreatment and misjudgment of Jamie based upon her religious faith and in his opinion, hopelessly un-cool attitude. In this part the film is beautifully realistic and thoughtful, each character’s progression brought along smoothly and slowly. At times it feels as though something has been left out, as if the film jiggles around a bit. But, it’s hard to notice while wrapped up in the wonderful world of Moore and West.

The second half is when events trust London into Jamie’s world ,he begins an un expented journey he’ll never forget. He made everything she wanted in life come true! Her whole list of dreams came true because of him! He stood up for her, even when he knew it would make everyone go against him. When she died, she belived she was needed somewhere else!And the only thing holding her back was what she wanted in life but he(Landon) made it all come true, and more! Has a freshness and sincerity that can wind it’s way into many viewers’ hearts, especially in a less hardened

The costumes are totally lacking in pop diva fair.The cast and the script are excellent.Mandy Moore leaves a positive impression. The ending was GREAT! It has a sad and happy ending at the same time.

Don’t miss it ! It is well worth seeing.I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys romantic films. The film, from warner bros, has a surprisingly runnig time of 120 minutes.It is available an...

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