A Global Diversity and Multicultural Initiative

A Global Diversity and Multicultural Initiative

Shades of Blue
A Global Diversity and Multicultural Initiative

Session: TU204 Nancy A. Curl, IBM Joerg Schmitz, TMC

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Critical Success Factors

Challenge of Terms...Diversity and Multiculturalism

What is the difference?


Definition of Diversity

"IBM's definition of diversity includes all of the human characteristics that make us unique as individuals. It includes everyone and excludes no one."

J. T. (Ted) Childs, Jr.
Vice President Workforce Diversity

IBM DAW / DIW Foil #16 4

Definition of Multiculturalism
The great arc of values, attitudes and behaviors through which groups relate to each other and the world at large. It is the broad spectrum of differences across which we communicate and interact in a global environment. It requires of IBMers to develop and exhibit a high degree of cultural competence (i.e., the skills to appropriately translate and localize intentions and initiatives).


Understanding of Culture

Distinct from concepts of ethnicity and/or race National boundaries do not equal cultural boundaries Highly situational/context dependent Neither prescriptive or deterministic of individuals nor static for a given population Applies on four levels:
1. National/Societal 2. Organizational/Functional 3. Team 4. Interpersonal

IBM's Evolution
Multiculturalism Workforce Diversity Era of Inclusion

2002+ 2000
2000 2000s

Work/Life Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action Equal Opportunity

1990 1990s

1980 1980s 1970 1970s

A Heritage of Leadership Workplace

1960 1960s

IBM's commitment to diversity and globalization...a long history of success

More than 80,000 people trained since 1993

Diversity Classes

Shades of Blue, launched in 2001...

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