A Good Cv and How You Should Write It.

A Good Cv and How You Should Write It.

Hobbies and interests:

Creative writing and reading are both pastimes that I enjoy; books often provide me with the much needed escape from real life complexities and I love discussing literature in a group as well as studying it on my own.

I play tennis and swim, sometimes with friends and other times by myself. Taking part in sport allows me the opportunity to develop teamwork skills as well as letting my competitive side show. Tennis especially requires perseverance and this is something that I feel reflects in my personality.

During my free time I often play the piano and the violin; music having been an important part of my life for the best part of six years now. I take part in a yearly concert for piano and meet up on a monthly basis with a music group.

I am enthusiastic and cheerful in meeting and getting to know new people. As a hard worker, I am willing to attempt everything to the best of my ability and I would love the opportunity to broaden my horizons in every way possible.

Skills and achievements:

Languages: I speak Chinese, Mandarin, fluently and can communicate in basic French.
Team work: I have been a part of the student council leadership program for two years and love working with others.
Mathematics: I have an A* in GCSE maths and am currently studying maths and further maths at A level.
Organisation: Being head of house at school meant organising and arranging events for over 120 students and teachers.

Previous work experience:

I spent the holidays in a summer school for students aged 12-18 in China, teaching English for two weeks. This was rewarding and helped to develop my interactions with people in an unfamiliar

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