A Knock at the Door Was Heard Above the Howling

A Knock at the Door Was Heard Above the Howling

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The sun shone over the quiet suburbs. Everybody hid here and there to avoid the scorching rays of the blazing sun that oppressed all. Josh sauntered about in his room -- glum and disheartened. It was all messy around. The fashion magazines carpeted the dirty floor and the empty hair gel boxes and bottles of perfumes adorned the corner where stood the old dressing table. It was all to please her -- the girl he loved.

He remembered the first time he saw her. She stood out of the rest. Her beautiful blue eyes and her curly blonde hair added to the charm of her stunning perky body. Her slim body looked gorgeous in the striking thong she wore. The at once he was all caught up in grief and stress. He loved her, but was unable to express it. Soon, the clouds covered the searing sun, and a gentle breeze started to blow, in which the pollen fluttered like butterflies in a flower garden. But Josh was not much influenced by the weather, for he was caught up in the bog of his own thoughts and feelings. He lay down on the couch, while his mind kept on thinking of the girl he loved, Jenna.

He lay down on the couch, thinking of her. He looked pretty down-at- heel in the shabby clothes he wore. His hair were all messed up, and his face looked as if it was unwashed since he woke up today. The winds seemed to get stronger and faster by the minute and so did his abnormal and concerning behaviour. He gazed in the empty space senselessly, thinking of her. A thin layer of perspiration covered his face and he ambled all over the room, kicking all that came in his way. Why did she not respond to him? Did she not feel his passion, his ardor for her?

He gazed at his wrist, which had her name carved on it, written by a knife -- it existed as a wound. His heart rate increased as he thought of the grace in her style -- the élan in her being. He could not stand the charm anymore.

He loved her but he could not express his feelings. Soon darkness...

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