A Letter in a Bottle

A Letter in a Bottle

A letter in a bottle

One day as I was walking on the beach. It was a beautiful summer morning, when I came to the birds on the short silos just out of the water I saw a thing, it was a bottle. I went over and picked it up, I open it, It was a letter in the bottle, I open it and took the letter and started to read, it was a story, it started : There seem to be all kinds of tropical islands that you could be washed up on. You could be unlucky and find yourself on a desert island with no fresh water and no vegetation. Or, you could be lucky and find yourself in a good kind of play ground where all kinds of delicious foods are there for taking, there are beautiful pools to dive in and you have leisure time to explore your own island. Petur johnson, Sigmund Petersen and Teitur Sigurdson are lucky.

They are Ship's boys, they washed up, alone on their tropical Island after a storm at sea. These boys have a wonderful time discovering all that the island has to offer: The ground at the foot of this tree was full of the fallen fruit, proper diving pools and stunning sun-sets. Teitur and I could watch and laugh at this fat, ill-looking animals, while they lay on the ground and snoring heavily amid the remains of their supper. 'Now, Petur,' said Teitur , in a low whisper, 'put a stone in your sling - a good big one - and let fly at that fat pig with his back toward you. I'll try to put an arrow into that little pig.' Dont you think we had better wake them up first?' I whispered; it seems cruel to kill them while asleep.

If I wanted usport Petur, I would wake them up; but as we only want pork, we'll let them lie. Besides, we're not sure of killing them, so fire away.I slung my stone with so good aim that it went bang against the hog's flank as if against the head of a drum; but it had no other effect, than that of paniking the animal to start to run, with a frightful yell of surprise, At the same instant teitur bow sounded puff .. and the...

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