A Lighthouse on the Sea

A Lighthouse on the Sea

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Throughtout the life we learn many things then it comes to you to write aboutf acts,which helps understand the life beter.Creative nonfiction is like a kighthouse which helps to find beter directions to reach the sea shore more quickly.

The directions on which ships travel changes i the form of the lenght,quality,clearity…We may not understand all these matters just by looking at the sea.First of all,you should know all the directions very well and chooose the best for you.

Before starting this long voyage,you can not know what really it is…In the voyage,you may come across stern lights of the big ships then try to follow them.I mean that these big ships are writers who are good at in this kind of art.

In fact, I have been writing since I was a child but I have never experienced about writing a creative nonfiction.Before starting to write,I thought that writing a dialogue between me and fictional charactermay make me feel as if I’m writing something nonsense.Afterward,I have become aware of the fact that only creative nonfiction affects the reader so deeply.If I used narration technic neither would it affect the reader nor would be so fluent.

During writing process sometimes I have experienced writer’s bloch,then I have stopped and had a break,thought over my old days one more time…That process was like a travel from present to past.

Readers are searching for something different,interesting and new.Doubtless it is Creative Nonfiction today.In spite of being new in literature world,you may see it in every field of written art.

As a conclusion,try to use new directions.Do not be on the sam eline,just follow new lighthouses.

"this essay tells about the meaning of creative nonfiction to me..."

Tuğçe Bulut

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