A Little Bit of Me : P

A Little Bit of Me : P

Ragura Kaguya and the Massacre of the Kaguya

"Mother, Father, where are you?!" Ragura cried out as he ran throughout the burning village, tears streaming endlessly down his face as it started to downpour, Rag quickly looking for shelter from the rain, the intensity of the flames flickering slightly from the pressure of the rain, but not making any lasting effect on it at all.

The rain seemed endless, Rag finally gathering the courage to go look for his parents once more, still screaming and running throughout the village, his cries not going unnoticed this time as he's confronted by a monstrously large man, Rag trembling as the man reaches down to grab him, instinctively Ragura would immediately shoot spikes made of bone out to force the mans hand back. . .

Now enraged, he draws a large sword strapped to his back and comes down with a heavy vertical slice, Rag easily avoiding the attack and the forming of a short spear in one hand made out of condensed bone, quickly rushing the giant sized bandit and forcing the bone straight into his spinal column, right in the middle of the bandit, causing him to collapse and fall under his own weight.

Soon after that Ragura had finally found his parents, their bodies laying side by side in a huge pool of blood, Rag completely devastated by the sight of it, throwing him into a violent rampage and killing everything in sight, not hesitating even once as they each fell into a puddle of blood, Rag soon finding himself in front of all the bodies of the dead bandits, tears still streaming from his eyes.

It wasn't long before he fled the village and sought refuge in another, concealing his presence through his travels and silently killing off any wildlife for sustenance, becoming quickly acclimated to the wilderness and being able to move stealthily and easily through them until one day. . . Ragura found himself in an uncommon land, his travels taking him from the water country, to the woods of the fire country,...

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