A Marxism Approach to “I Have Fallen in Love” by Benigno Aquino

A Marxism Approach to “I Have Fallen in Love” by Benigno Aquino

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A Marxism Approach to “I Have Fallen in Love”
by Benigno Aquino

This depicts the love of the late Benigno Aquino for his beloved wife Cory wherein for 19 years they live as a couple. Pain and joy had never ruined their relationship for Cory remained strong as she faced the challenges of being a mother and a wife of a principled man.
Benigno Aquino’s fight for righteousness was not an easy task during the time of President Ferdinand Marcos. For 20 years that he had ruled the Philippines, democracy had died and the dictatorial kind government reign. The writ of Hebeas Corpus leads to military abuses. Benigno Aquino focused more on his fight and lifted the Filipinos against oppression than being a family man but his wife Cory still supported him and preferred to carry the weight of rearing up their children. This is the second time he have fallen in love with his wife.
The battle fought by Benigno Aquino against the dictatorial form of government is like David and Goliath. He regretted too much with his fellow leaders whom he idolized. He expected that they will join him on his fight but it was in vain for they surrendered to the abusive dictators in exchange of a free and comfortable life the not minding anymore the welfare for the oppresses. They turn out supporters of the tyrannical kind of leadership and injustices triumph in every corners of the country. They swallowed their pride they who was once tested leaders guided by democratic principles. Their principle had change into “We have to with the current of the water if we want to survive and the that was the death of democracy and the success of the wicked system of government. There are those who enjoyed luxurious kind of living at the expense of the government money called the cronies.

Philippines that time had been curtailed of freedom. What our heroes had fought before had lost it’s value. The country was again groping in darkness. Election was just a mere drama while media lost it’s face...

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