A Mixture

A Mixture

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The pot off by Willfred Owenn is a dark humoured poem. The title itself is ironic for a send-off is explains that there is nothing to celebrate for he says they will not return or will return but injured.

At the beginning of the poem it is said that the soldiers were singing their way to the on them which means that there will be no turning back.

"And lined the train with faces grimly gay", Owen has used oxymoron in this third line. The means that the soldiers are happy to go to war but deep inside they are feeling miserable so they are actually just putting on a brave front.

The soldiers are surrounded by wreath and spray. They were gifts from their love ones but this is a they have died.

In stanza 3 it says, “Then unmoved, signals nodded, and a lamp winked to the guard.” This is a use of ption. It is a process of departure completed. This means they know what is beginning.

“So secretly, like wrongs hushed up” this begins the second half of the poem and reflects the the enemy but mankind ashamed of these undertakings. also ,

Cockatoo Island has been changing a lot over the past 150 years and has experienced a variety of uses. As the island was isolated, it was a perfect place for a convict prison (gaol) because there was no way you can escape from the island. There was also a machine shop and was used for ship making and repairing. Some evidence of this, are the slipways and all the industrial buildings. During 1888-1908 it also became an Industry school for girls and a recreational area for the boys from the training ships.

Cockatoo Island has not always been 17.9 hectares. It was originally 13 hectares, so it has grown but it’s stopped growing now. Most of the islands’ original vegetation has been removed to make way for development.

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