A New Consumer Society

A New Consumer Society

Form 1980s, China has become a fast growing country of consumption. More and more Chinese people had increased their incomes gradually, and then began to consume as a way of life. The formation of a huge consumer society is undergoing. We should ask, is this good news? What will be the upcoming changes of the country?

First, the consumer society will bring a good opportunity of development. Producers will always do the best to sell their products as much as possible. The products will become cheaper, with advanced technology and fashions. The consumers can then improve their standard of living, and the economy, art, science, and technology of the nation are pushed forward more rapidly by the industries development simultaneity. This is really good news to a country of about 1.3 billion people. Everyone in China is looking forward to it happening.

Nevertheless, the consumer society may also deteriorate the life qualities. Too much advertising is evident in an increasing number of private and public places, such as TV programs, readings, buildings, and buses. The excessive amount of advertising will not just offer information, but daze and mislead our minds, or sometimes even become the sight pollution. Moreover, too much cars make the traffic blocked day by day, and too much buildings make the city crowded and out-of-order. The city may no longer be a convenient and enjoyable place for people living.

Consumer society brings China not only benefit but also problems. China has to treat it in the right way!

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