A Night in Concert

A Night in Concert

A Night In Concert

It was a very special day for me. On Sunday April 11, of 2004, the day had come and I was ready for a great night in concert with my favorite Latin rock band, Jaguares at the House of Blues of Anaheim. I had never been to a rock concert. When my cousin called me i thought, why is he calling me usually he only calls me when he wants a favor from me. But that day he didn't asked me for a favor. He just wanted to tell me that he had an extra ticket the concert and that if I wanted to go. I rapidly said yes to his invitation and the other good news, was that I didn't had to pay for the ticket, because it was a way to pay me all the good favors.

Well he told to be ready by six in the afternoon. I obey him and around six we left from San Clemente. Two friends of him also accompanied us to the show. In our way, we had a discussion about the songs that we wanted to hear. Defiantly i choose all my favorites, but I knew that at least they were going sing two or three of my favorites. Practically we had big differences regarding to which songs were better.

Suddenly we made it to the House of Blues. I couldn't believed that we were finally there. Most of the parking lost were full that night, but it was because the House of Blues is located in Disneyland. He parked his car a little far way from the place. We walked for about fifteen minutes through out the magic world, in order to get to the HOB. I was really exited because the show was getting closer, that I decided to go and get in line because I wanted to get a good spot.

A no suspected thing happen. It was that, the line was...

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