A Nightmare

A Nightmare

I had a lot of frightening experience like my father, bad marks, lost something important… The most scare I’ve met was my unpleasant dream, but is not in real life.

It was a moonlit night. I was in a small village in which I used to visit when I was a child . But I felt the difference between the past and the present. It seemed to be abandoned. I don’t know why I was there. There was only a flashlight in my hands. I was so scared that I couldn’t lift my feet from the ground up. I could hear the noise made by the breeze. It made me more fear. I started to return the house of my old friend in the village. I gave a shiver as the door opened. Then, I caught a sigh of young girl. I turned back my head. AAAA!!!! I shouted. An young girl without face wore a white clothes, and she was waving to me…

At that time I didn’t know everything, I just ran as fast as possible. After a few minutes, I didn’t see her. Maybe it was my delusion. I kept myself calm and went out the house. Immediately, my flashlight wasn’t working. I couldn’t see anything. There was hundreds of shadows. I was alone in the dark. It was terrible. I didn’t know what should I do. Suddenly, two ghost appeared in front of my face. There was two fatal shears in their hands. And my feet seemed to be freezing. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t say anything. I became a silent man. Two ghost waved around me, and they opened their mouth. I couldn’t stand anymore. I felt nauseous and frightful. My spirit seemed to be come out from my body. They were absorbing my spirit. AAAAA!!!!!!! I was going to die. Suddenly I woke up. I realized that I was only dreaming. Thank God!

On the next day, I visited that village again to make sure that I only dreamed. The village was still existed, and I met my old friends. I had a great day with them. I told them about my dream. Maybe I watched too much horrible movies, and I was obsessed by movies. Since then, I have never seen horrible movies again and I had no nightmare till...

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