A Nothern Light

A Nothern Light

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MATTIE Gokey can’t forget the promise she had mae to her dying mother- a promise to stay on in the family farm and help raise her three little sisters. The trouble is that keeping her word would mean an end to all her dreams. The story is set in a peaceful little village atmosphere. It is based on letters Mattie gets from a woman named Grace Pool, who was killed by the man she loved. The author wanted something good to come out of her death and thus Mattie was born from the tips of her pen. Where Grace’s life ends, Mattie’s begin…

Jennifer Donnelly lives in Brooklyn and Callicoon with her husband and daughter. She grew up in New York state in Lewis and Westchester countries and attended the university of Rochester, where she graduated in English literature and European history. She lived in England as a college student and returned after graduation. There she developed a long love for London and its people. She credits London, the East End, in particular, as the inspiration behind her desire to become a writer. Before she became a novelist, she worked as an antique dealer, reporter and copywriter.

MATTIE GOKEY- The heroine
GRACE POOL- The girl who was killed
WEAVER- Mattie’s best friend
ROYAL- Mattie’s lover
MISS WILCOX- Mattie’s and weaver’s teacher.

Chicken to feed, cows to milk, sisters to take care of………16 – year – old Mattie had to do the major share of word on her dad’s farm, because she had promised that to her dying mother. But she was an intelligent girl who wanted to go to college and write books. She learns hard, along with her friend Weaver and gets admitted to college, but she has no money to pay. The love affair with Royal Loomis peeks into the story too. In order to earn money for her family and for her college boarding, she goes to work in a hotel. There she meets a girl, Grace pool, who gives her some letters to burn. The next day, she was found...

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