A Point of View on Employment

A Point of View on Employment

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A Point of view of Employment

I am an employer. I hire creative and skilled people to develop software for me (games, accounting packages, robotics, etc). I don't care that in their off hours, they post pictures of themselves in latex and/or body paint, with or without piercings. In fact for me, those kind of erratic, purely creative behaviors set them apart from the crowd, and let me know what kinds of ingenuity they can apply to problems. I want to see how they solve problems in real life, as well as a work environment. It tells me more about their character than a plain white-paper resume will ever reveal. If other employers pass these people up, so much the better for me. I'll hire them, build a great team, and my competition will never see know what hit them..

My interviews generally have to deal with puzzles, and or some sort of minor test. I want to see how well this person will work with the other members of my team and how well they will produce when I have a crunch time. These things are critical for my understanding of how I need to allocate work for various projects as they flow in; I need people who keep their word to me on what and when they'll deliver.

That said, I do draw the line at doing drugs and other illegal behavior. That stuff ruins lives, and inevitably bleeds over into work.

Bring me the creative, motivated, and the unusual any day!

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