A powerful way to understand people

A powerful way to understand people

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A Powerful Way to Understand People
An introduction of the DISC concept
By Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D.

Each Person has a Unique Personality
Each person's perspective is built in to who they are. Some people call it personality. Some refer to
it as temperament. I am sure that some of your family and friends are VERY different from you. If
you are like me, you have often asked yourself, "Why did they do that?" or "What were they
thinking?" or "What were they NOT thinking?"
The starting point of understanding people is to realize and accept the fact:

Everyone is not like you!
Have you ever said something to one person, and received a certain response, then said exactly the
same thing to another person, and received a totally different response? The basic reason they
respond differently is that people have different personality styles! You said the same thing, but
what they "heard" was not the same. Wow, can that be confusing!
Different is not bad, it's just different! A lack of understanding of ourselves and others can lead
to real problems such as tension, disappointment, hurt feelings, unmet expectations and poor
communication. As you know, it is hard to work with a problem, especially if you do not understand
what is going on inside the mind of another person.

Here is the Good News
There IS a way to understand people – if you know the model of human behavior! There is a simple
key to understanding how people behave and how they are motivated. This key will allow you to
unlock the mystery of motivation. It will teach you the power of good relationships! It will also show
you how to reduce conflict, improve productivity and relate with others in ways that are more
A Little Background
Twenty-four hundred years ago, scientists and philosophers, most notably Hippocrates, began to
recognize differences in behavior that seemed to follow a pattern. Many psychologists and scientists
have explored...

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