A Process of Development

A Process of Development

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<I Stand Here Ironing>

-A process of development
*When Emily was young
- Emily was a beautiful baby, and Emily was a miracle to the narrator. When Emily was young, she was nineteen, and it was the pre-relief, pre-WPA world of the depression. But, her husband did not care her family, so she worked a lot for family. Although she worked a lot, she could not help sending Emily to her father. After Emily came back, her appearance was changed.
*In nursery school
- When was two, she went to nursery school because of her work. Emily did not like that place, so she always had a reason why we should stay home because of teacher and her friend.
*In home
- When Emily left alone nights, Emily often felt scared. And she continually stayed skeleton thin, not wanting to eat, and night after night she had nightmares.
*In convalescent home
- In clinic, doctor persuades her to send Emily to convalescent home. She went to convalescent home every second week. Because hospital did not have room for child to keep any personal possessions, Emily could never hold or keep but only hear read. When she visited Emily, Emily became more and more weakened and thin.

*After came back home
- Her appearance was changed, so she had complaint about her appearance. Chubby blond replica of Shirley temple is her role model. As a result of moving a lot, she was a lonely girl, though she had friends, but they are not close enough to visit her home. At that time, she loved a boy, it indicates that she also ordinary children.
*In school
-she was not glib or quick. Teacher regarded her as underperformed and slow learner. She does not like to go school.
*The relationship between Emily and younger sister Suzan
-Suzan and Emily usually play with oddment. Except that time, they were not mingled up each other. Suzan is jealous of Emily’s every possession, and give older sister malicious effect. However Emily seemed to be generous to Suzan....

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