A Professional Video Gamer

A Professional Video Gamer

Are You a Professional Video Gamer?

Eighty-Four percent of teens play video games and a large number of those neglect their homework. There are many reasons why teens play video games but ultimately they need somewhere to escape. Video gaming is like a second world for teens where all their thoughts are replaced with a digital environment. However video gaming is also an occupation but is only open to skilled players who excel at video gaming and bring excellence to a new level. To be an exceptional video game player you must posses clear thinking, quick reactions, and great instincts.

Clear thinking is essential to professional video gaming since a player may reach a situation when your decision needs to well thought and focused or you could fail to succeed your objective. For example, in an MMORPG such as “World of Warcraft” a player must know when to flee and when to take the offensive. If a player is hesitant during the middle of combat then he/she is simply not a professional video game player.

Quick reactions is another trait that is needed for exceptional video gaming because a player may be attacked by a random encounter and require for you to react quickly. If you cannot execute swiftly then you will be overwhelmed by your opponent. The element of surprise is a strategy that can only be countered by either expecting your opponent or to react quickly enough to strike before they get the opportunity to. Like in “Call of Duty 4” a player may hear an enemy behind them who is ready to knife you but with quick reactions you stab them first. In order to react and counter a surprise attack you must have quick reactions.

Great instincts are the last and most important attribute that is necessary for excellent video gaming because knowing is already half the battle. With great instincts a player may already know what obstacles that might occur during the middle of gameplay and prepare for them. For instance, in a game like “Counter Strike” a...

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