A Proposal to Improve the Method of Evaluation Gpa

A Proposal to Improve the Method of Evaluation Gpa

Essay #4: Researched Proposal Argument Essay



If the GPA methodology of evaluation was translated to the 20th century, the genius of the theoretical physics Albert Einstein would not be seen as the genius that he was. As mentioned by Karl Mamola in his article “Einstein in the Classroom”, “[He] was rather arrogant, … and receive[d] a number of negative reports from teachers. In today’s educational system, he may have been labeled as an at-risk student (…)” (Mamola 486). By this reason, if Einstein would be evaluated by a GPA and he would have received less than 3.0. Thus, he would not have the opportunity to be interviewed in companies and would not have the opportunity to show his potential. For example Einstein could not work in the telecommunication company Verizon Wireless because one of the requirements to enroll in an internship is “… [You must] have a GPA of 3.0 or better in an appropriate major [to be enrolled in an internship]” (“Verizon Wireless” 1). The requirements are available in its website http://www.vzwcareers.com/college/

internships.html. Like this company, most of the companies interview students who have a great GPA. Nevertheless, the GPA is not an effective way to evaluate a student as a potential worker. Actually, there are a lot of students that do not have a GPA of 3.0 but they have potential. Maybe, there is another Einstein out there who is being overlooked. That is the reason why I suggest that colleges and universities do not evaluate their students by GPA, which is a limited way to evaluate the development of students. Instead, I propose that colleges and universities provide ongoing feedback throughout their studies.

It was necessary to know what the real meaning of GPA is. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, “[GPA is] Grade Point Average… a number which is the average mark received for all the courses a student takes and shows how well the student is...

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