A Review of Constitution of the State of Nevada

A Review of Constitution of the State of Nevada

Constitution Essay

The constitution of Nevada has been around for many years. To me, some parts seem unfair to present day Nevada. It states many unfair things like who we can and can’t marry, what happens to your property when you get married, who fills offices when they are vacant, institutions for special people, and use of the plant of genus Cannabis. In the essay I will explain why I think these sections of articles are unfair or why I disagree with them.

Article one, section 21 states the limitations on recognition of marriage; it says that only a male and female can get married. I disagree with this section because we have rights and the constitution saying we can only marry the opposite sex is like taking away our rights. I would change this because everyone should be able to marry who they want whether it’s a male or female. Even though I am not gay I do support gay marriages because it’s part of our freedom.

Article four, section 31 explains the property of married persons, all property owned before marriage and acquired after shall be separate property of such person. I believe that all property acquired by one person before marriage should belong to that person during and after marriage. All property given as a gift to a married couple should belong to the couple together. At the end of the marriage they can decide who gets the property through court or they can settle it themselves. As for devised or descent property it should belong to the person who devised or descent it. I would change this because it is unfair especially if you have very valuable property or belongings.

Article five, section eight explains the way the vacancies are filled by the governor, it states that when any office becomes vacant and no mode is provided by the constitution to fill it then the governor has the power to fill it. In any case shall the office become vacant I believe the candidate who was runner up should be elected. I would change this because I...

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