A Review on a Wrinkle in Time

A Review on a Wrinkle in Time

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-SUMMARY (IN 100 WORDS)-79words
The book was basically about a girl named Meg, her younger brother Charles Wallace, and Calvin who is couple years older than Meg, saving the father of Meg and Charles Wallace from a planet called ‘Camazotz’, with the help of the witches that once were the stars. While on the surface it seemed to be a fantasy novel, mentioning about teleporting to another planet and fighting the evil ‘The Dark Thing’ the book contained way much more deeper meanings.

The reason why I picked up this book of all the others would be nothing but this; because it some how seemed familiar to me. The title of the book was familiar because I saw the cover of the book in my brother’s bookshelf. Contrary to the reason why I picked up the book, the meanings that it had delivered me was enormous. It contains criticsm about the world by using the delicate method writing format, I have come down to typing this essay staring at the monitor, not knowing an inch about how to go on this essay, but only two things; the delicate method of the writer, and the meanings that were somehow delivered to me.
First of all, I will mention the writing methods of the author. As the book has talked about the abnormal things that would not likely happen in reality with the scientific knowledge that we have, it seemed impossible to turn those images in to words. However, Madeleine L’Engle had managed to do so and verbalize what was impossible to verbalize and by doing so, the process had created a “big bang” of imagination. One of the examples of this would be the parts of the author’s description of the looks of the Mrs.Whatsit when she has metamorphosed to a white angel of somekind. Thus by utlizing the paradoxical method the author made it easier to understand. The line that says ‘with a gesture both delicate and strong’, would be a great example to make my point clear. In this line the author has managed...

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