A Road to Citizenship

A Road to Citizenship

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A Road Too Citizenship: A Success Story

When we think naturalized citizenship we automatically think that they just come

to our country just to get our jobs, but truth is they come here to get an education and

better themselves. This paper will profile Victor Jackson, a native to the country of

Nigeria standing at 5’11, 195 pounds, with an athletic build. Examining qualities Victor

exhibits make him not only an influential leader, but compassionate and ambitious

person. The paper will also examine details of his road to U.S. citizenship and hard


“Getting to America was tough enough yet, living in a place where you know no

one is tougher”. He comes from a large family being one of eight siblings, four girls and

four boys. His hobbies are playing soccer, running, lifting weights, reading, and meeting

new people. When Victor was nineteen, he won the Diversity Visa Lottery which,

requires that each diversity visa entrant must have at least a high school education or

equivalent or two years of work experience in an occupation requiring at least two years’

training or experience; therefore, made him eligible to come to the U.S. He stepped foot

of the airplane in Los Angeles, California. He came to the U.S. with Nigerian currency,

this was the equivalent to less than two dollars in American money, so he lived off of

chips and cookies. He stayed with a stranger he happened to meet. At first the

gentleman did not want to take him in, but later on did. There was one catch Victor

could not have a key to the house. While he lived in California he went back to school

For his American high school diploma while also, working at an auto repair shop. He told me

“I could remember coming home I would be hungry, thirsty, and tired, but I couldn’t get

into the house until the gentleman got there. One day I had to pee, so I climbed in

through the window and the neighbors called the cops! The cops...

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