A Rose by Any Other Name

A Rose by Any Other Name

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Established in 1970. It manufactures a wide variety of paper goods-plates, bowls, cups, and so forth – for birthday and holiday parties and other social events.

The Rose Company was established in 1970. Rose manufacture a wide variety of paper good – plates, bowls, cups, napkins, tablecloths, and so forth – for birthday and holiday parties and other social events. It employees 300 people in its single plant and it has distribution centers around the country, and it was a pillar of the upstate New York town where it was headquartered.

In partyware industry there are hundreds of small companies selling full party-ware lines or a few specialty products at throwaway prices, and new competitors appeared and disappeared regularly. They all competed for the attention of mass retailers, drugstore chains, and big regional grocers, as well as for independent retailers that sold party products through storefronts, catalogs, home-based distributors, and Web sites.

Rose sold its party ware under generic labels like Your Birthday, Your Wedding, and Your Anniversary. The company's name “Rose” appeared only on a small sticker on the back of the plastic packaging, almost as an informational afterthought.

The company is now contemplating a branding effort. In fact, it was the first time a company in the party goods industry had contemplated a branding effort, at least in the 30 years Rose had been in business.

The Dilemma
Rose Partyware's largest retail customer has decided to create a private-label line of party goods-and wants Rose to manufacture it. Should Rose put its efforts behind its own brand instead?

Rose had adopted new printing technology. This technology held out the promise of speeding up production, making shorter print runs viable, bringing down costs, and Best of all enhanced printed product's quality. Rose name can appear now on its product as it is not like others (thanks to the new technology). When Rose thought of contemplating a branding...

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