A Single shard summary

A Single shard summary

Chapter one

The beginning of the book introduces a young boy named Tree-ear, who lives in Korea. He usually scaveges for food in the village rubbish. One day he saw a farmer dropping a rice trail on the ground he didn't know if he should say anything. He spoke up and the farmer explained there was a whole in the straw box he had, had made and if he was patient enough they would have made the bag more durable for him. Luckily the farmer was thankful Tree-ear had told him and let him collect and keep the rice that he had dropped. Tree-ear thinks working to get food is a good dead but begging and stealing makes you no better than a dog. Tree-ear lives with an old man named Crane-man and he was alarmed by the discovery of all rice the boy had brought home. Tree explained the story to the old man while him questioned him about what the farmer was like. The two live under a bridge in a village. When tree-ear was two a man had brought him to Crane man under the bridge and left him there. When they tried to find his parents the house was abandoned and the temple wouldn't take him.
The two had a feast on the rice Tree had brought home, and Crane even had found two chicken bones for them. Tree-eared left and walked down the road where he noticed a house that caught his attention. He would peep through the leaves of the tree he stood behind and would watch the man on his pottery wheel. The clay grew and fell and moved so fast. It upset Tree that the man would get rid of his work and start over because to him it looked so good. During the hours he watched the potters work, it comforted him because it took his mind off his hunger.

Reflection/ Thoughts/ Connections

I didn't expect the story to start like this. I find it kind of interesting. I think it's kind of sad he lives under a bridge with an old man who can't go anywhere because one of his feet is messed up from birth. But I can tell Tree is a compassionate character because he finds food for...

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