A Subordinate Group Member

A Subordinate Group Member

Amanda Tellier

University of Phoenix

Assignment: Journal Entry of a Subordinate Group Member

Native Americans

A long time before the white man set foot on American soil; the Native Americans had been living in America. Native Americans were the first people to live in America. The first Native American arrived during the last ice-age around 20,000 '' 30,000 years ago (Native Americans 2009). There were millions of us. We all had different tribes, but never did we look down on others because of their differences. We were all family. We had homes all over America. New York, Delaware, Kentucky, Virginia, Alabama, Michigan, and that are just a few. We even had tribes in Canada.

In the 16th and 17th century we met the Europeans (Native Americans 2009). We have never seen other humans with such a pale complexion. They dressed so differently and seemed to be wearing fake hair. They called them wigs. They were so up beat with their technology. They had steel knives and swords. We had nothing like that. They had big cannons, mirrors, hawk bells and earrings, copper and brass kettles. They even had really big ships. At first it seemed like a dream (Native Americans 2009).

Things were ok for awhile, but the Europeans were oblivious to the rhythms of nature and the natural spirit (Native Americans 2009). This became an obstacle and even got to the point they became our enemy. How could some one make us feel so out of place when we were here on this land first? It was so repelling that the Europeans culture was so materialistic. They did not care about the earth, the view of the land, the animals, or the plants. They seem so soulless and they only seemed to care for their tools and weapons. Nature to the Europeans - and the Indians detected this - A forest was so many board feet of timber, a beaver colony so many pelts, a herd of buffalo so many robes and tongues. Even the Indians themselves were a resource - souls ripe for the Jesuit,...

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