A Survey of East Asian History from 1800 to the 1970s

A Survey of East Asian History from 1800 to the 1970s

University of Calgary
HTST 317
East Asia, 1800-1990s
Saturday, 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon
PF 128
Winter 2009

Instructor: David C. Wright
Office: 616 SS
Phone: 220-6408
Email: wrightd@ucalgary.ca
Office hours: WF 11:00 - 12:30 p.m.; other hours by appointment. Please respect these office hours.

Course description

This course is a survey of East Asian history from 1800 to the 1970s. “East Asia” has traditionally meant primarily China and Japan, but recently Korea has received more attention as a distinct East Asian society. Lectures for the course will cover China and Japan, but students will be assigned textbook readings on Korea and will be accountable for them on the midterm and final examinations.

Course requirements

Students will write midterm and final examinations, submit a prospectus, and write an essay.


The midterm and final examinations will consist of short ID and essay questions and will draw on material covered in lecture notes and in assigned readings. Students should not assume that lectures will cover all aspects of the assigned readings or vice versa. The final examination will be comprehensive but will concentrate more heavily on the material covered since the midterm. Review sheets will be handed out approximately one week prior to the midterm and final examinations.


The prospectus is an outline of what the student proposes to write on for the essay. It is a short (one-page) outline of the topic and at least two sources (books, articles, images) you have identified for it. Please describe your topic in a few sentences and then list some of the sources you plan to use. Topics for the essay should be historical. Literary and artistic topics are acceptable as long as they incorporate significant historical perspective. The prospectus is due
on the day of the midterm examination: 14 March 2009. Late prospectuses are...

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