A Survival Guide to Get Students Through Axia College

A Survival Guide to Get Students Through Axia College


30 MAY 2009

[Attending Axia College]
A Survival Guide to get students through Axia College.

There are many different resources to get students through Axia College. Whether entering college right from high school or just deciding to further education; this guide will assist with any concerns students may have. There are many topics that will be covered in this guide. These are main topics for students to know:
Axia's Educational Resources
Academic Honesty
Setting and Achieving Goals
Time Management
Reading Comprehension and Retention
Personality and Learning Styles
After reading this Survival Guide, students can enter Axia College for a unique and successful experience.

Axia's Educational Resources
Similar to traditional college, Axia College has available educational resources for students to use. There are technological tools: audio appendixes, digital stories, and tutorials. These tools come in handy for all students and having options caters to the different learning styles that student may have. Learning styles will be covered later in the guide.
Other available educational resources are The University Library which has extensive contents and services for academic research. In the University Library there are Student Labs, the Center for Writing Excellence (CWE), the Center for Mathematics Excellence (CME), and Element K Tutorial for business and technology that are self- paced. In the CWE students can submit academic papers to WritePoint, which provides feedback on basic grammar and usage. Comments are inserted into the text of a paper at the point of the error. There is a Plagiarism Checker that reinforces originality in student work and enhances student writing and research skills. The checker also identifies papers containing material similar to another writer. If the Checker finds that another...

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