A Symbolic Crusade

A Symbolic Crusade

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Brusma, D. (2004). The school uniform movement and what it tells us about American education: A symbolic crusade. New York: ScarecrowEducation.
This book was written to summarize the literature and present the author’s national study on school uniform data. He looks at the origins of the school uniform debate and then further analyzes the claims of the proponents and opponents from this historical context. In order to determine the effectiveness of uniform policies, he compares this anecdotal data, opinions, and perceptions of students, parents, teachers, and school administrators with the results of several of the studies that he has performed.

Essex, N.L. (2001). School uniforms: Guidelines for principals. Principal, 80(3), 38-39.
This article provides step by step guidelines for administrators to help them develop reasonable policies regarding school uniforms while at the same time preserving the rights of students. Being prepared to review and revise a school’s policy is encouraged in the article in order to determine the relevance and impact of a policy such as uniforms on the students in the schools.

King, A.C., Walker, L.L., & Minor, D.L. (2002). A study of dress codes/uniforms in Kentucky. The Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin, 68(3), 52-56.
In this article, the authors mailed a survey to 74 public schools in Kentucky at the elementary, middle, and high school level that have implemented uniform policies or restricted dress codes in their schools. This article provides a literature review of the schools reactions in terms of parent responses, student complaints and level of self- esteem, school violence and discipline problems, school climate, and academic behavior. In addition, the responding schools provided advice to districts that were thinking about enacting a school uniform or dress code policy.

US Department of Education (1996). Manual on School Uniforms. Washington, D.C.: DOE and U.S. Department of Justice.
This article describes...

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