A Team Learning Environment

A Team Learning Environment

John J. Levy
Grand Canyon University
AMP 370

Creating a team learning environment first needs to be understood by all member of the team. Their roles and how they impact the team should be discussed by all member in order to define ranks. Each member will play to create a environment which the team can benefit from. Including team skills and motivation skill can allow enhance success for future members. I would make sure to include (Peter Senge) five model which include System Thinking, Personal Mastery, Shared Vision, Team Learning, and Mental Models.

Purpose of the team learning environment can have impact on lives in the organization. Once you discover how you can enhance and develop trust and better communicate overall success of team. Being able to develop an effective intact approach in which executive, management, and organizational members are able to explore ways to improve designs involving all employees in creating success for the organization. In order for a functional learning in environment to work and be helpful clear expectation need to be met. Team members understanding priority, time, discussions attention and interest. In different aspect that affect the organizational goals, principal and values. Does every one want to commit to overal success of the team.

Shared Vision as picture of the future (senge) is a intuitive and instinctive. Share vision must be created by interaction with the individuals in the organization. Having well

defined vision may be a big sign as to how well a team environment is functioning. A failed vision may fail to energize employees to work towards corporate objectives, visions and mission. To further discuss shared vision on learning environment means the identity by which an organization is know though out its business area . The frame working for the team learning may start with the buy in of member of the organization.

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