a telephone call

a telephone call

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#1 – Part 1

Dear Mrs Susan,
I have read an advertisement about English classes at your school. It is insterested, so I would like further information.
Fist of all, I would like to know the address of your school. Is it near underground station? I also would like to know the stating and finishing date of these classes. And how many students in a class? What facilities will be used in the classes?. I know that, these classes have wide range of leisure activities and your school will provide the accomodation on premises. Futher information, could you please tell me what kind of activities and what kind of accomodation? Last of all, Could you please tell me some information about the fee course? Is it £200 per week including accommodation?
These information is very important for me to apply the classes, so please reply my email as soon as posible.
Best regards,
#1 – Part 2

Mark could never imagine that this telephone call would change his life forever. Last 5 year, Mark finished post graduation course and got Master of Computer Science degree. He could not getting any jobs. In his city, there are no company want to hire him because of his apperance. He is too short, thin and look like a child although of 30 years of his age. Therefore, his life was very difficult, sometime he did not enough money to buy food. One day, a stranger man call him, this man is a director of a big Software company, he want to open new brand in Mark’s city, he hear about Mark form Marks’ classmate and make a phone call to invite Mark join to an inteview. At that time, Mark passed interview and became a good project leader of this company. Now, Mark have a wonderful life.

#2 – Part 1

Dear Hotel Bella Vista manager,
My friend’s parents – Mr and Mrs Stanton are going to Vietnam on 16th of this month, so I want to book a room at your hotel for them. I write this email to ask you futher information.
Mr and Mrs Stanton are arriving on Touesday 16th at 18.05 and...

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