A Three Dimensional World

A Three Dimensional World

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Earth, a three dimensional world viewed through our human selfish full eyes, feels soothed, while reflected light form beautified scenery touches us, where nature sings and dance. Cool fresh breeze of air moving swiftly touching us quences the thirst, we adore. Songs sung by birds to express its happiness and glory for being a part of this unblinkable view of heaven. Waltzingly flowing river, nourishing the surrounding lustrous plants, swings to and fro, in company of wondrous flowing music. Rampantly moving colorful fishes in colony, swarm of bees enjoyingly sharing love with welcoming flowers, thirst quenching colorful butterflies dancing in the mid air with their aerobatic skills, unavoidable desire to capture these scenery in its small brain, fishes enthusiastically thrusting up and dancing. Irresistible glory of love, forcing even, the distant sun to shower its warmth, admitting him to be a part of this wonderful place.

We, human being, dominating our every opponent, stand erect, forcing himself to be called as the superior creature and rule over this unexplainable natural beauty, don’t have the right to pollute the scenery to blurrier. Gradually, exploiting the nature for our comfort ness, we have come across disastrous change in the nature, resulting weaker species to extinction. Today, we no longer master those view abundantly, and if we don’t step with caution and decelerate in losing our nature, the day shall come when one shall never even have these kinds of overwhelmingly experience of natural beauty in our consciousness or it might get even worse, the process of extinction might rule over the earth leaving this lively Earth to lifeless desert. Let’s gather awareness in conserving this nature before we are too late and enhance its beauty.

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