A trip in the Forst

A trip in the Forst

A Trip in the Frost

In the early morning, the sun is shining in the forest. It is beautiful. Different trees are standing straight under the sun and the light falls across the leaves onto the ground. The murmuring water runs down a rocky hill.

A girl is walking by the creek, alone in the forest and she hears birds singing in the trees. A bird twitters very loudly. The chirping reminds her of the morning when her mother usually gently wakes her up. Suddenly, the wind begins howling; she is only wearing pajamas and feels cold. Timid and fearful, she just wants to be someplace safe and have some hot chocolate to warm her up.

At the same time, the fresh air makes her excited and she wants to continue to explore. While the girl keeps on walking, she steps on something which is very cold. Lifting her ballet slippered foot she sees an old key on the ground.
She picks up the key and wipes the dirt off. It is cleaner so that and she notices it is an unusual, golden key. It must be ancient.

Two questions come up in her mind. “where does the key come from? And What is the key for?”

The girl believes that she will know the answer if she keeps on walking, even though she is coward and afraid, wanting to be brave, she pushes herself on.

She takes the sparkling, glimmering key and puts it in her pocket of her housecoat, and then she keeps walking.

After fifteen minutes, the girl sees a foggy, misty wall. There is no road for her to go on. The wall is a bit taller than her and it is very long. The green earthy vines twine around the wall. She tries to climb up the wall, but it’s too slippery; so she keeps walking to see whether she can get up on another side of the wall or somewhere farther down.

After a few minutes, she sees a small entrance like a dank hole in the side of a hill with a sign, “Welcome to My House”.

This entrance leads the girl to a small, clear lake where she notices the fresh piney air. Ducks and swans are...

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