A Vicious, Vile and Inhumane Period of Time

A Vicious, Vile and Inhumane Period of Time


I think the Holocaust was a vicious, vile, and inhumane period of time. During WWII, Germany’s counselor, Adolph Hitler had reined power. But, he had plans of his own: To wipe out every last Jew on earth, Gypsies, Homosexuals, and disabled people. He though this was the right thing to do. Cleansing the earth of its withdrawals. This sinister act had almost succeeded until the allies came. Allies like Britain, Denmark, United States, Canada, and more who provided assistance to the enslaved people who had fallen into Hitler’s wrath. This true story had really touched my heart. 1.5 million children like us had been killed during that time. In total, 11.5 million civilians were assassinated in the period of 1938-1945.

Eva Olsson was born in a High Orthodox Hasidic family. Her family had denied her and the rest of her family an education. Following Hasidic beliefs, Eva and the rest of her brothers and sisters weren’t prohibited onto public schools. I was very sexist because only boys went to school. Girls went to tutors who tough the basic fundamentals of every root subject. When Eva turned 14, she began to characterize into the average, adolescent teen. Now she starts to question whether following her families Jewish beliefs and character is right. This relates to each and every one of us. In Canada there is a variety of religions, races, and backgrounds. Since because we live in a multi-cultural world, we are not racist to one another, but instead respect each other. 70 years ago, everything was in chaos. Nobody was treated the same.


My reflection is on how every Jew in Europe from 1938 to 1945 were discriminated, sent away from their friends and families. I can’t imagine anyone who would be that evil and cruel. Adolph Hitler was just that kind of person. When he gained power; plans were made to everyone. Whether or not, if you didn’t join, participate or accept into the Nazi party/regime. You were automatically sentenced to death....

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