A Walk

A Walk

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A walk in someone else’s shoes

Purpose: To inform my Audience on how Savannas trip experience altered her plans for the future
Thesis: Savannas trip changed her future plans
I. Have you ever been on a trip that changed your entire outlook on life?

III. Now I am going to explain to you about Savanna’s initial plans before the Trip Experience,The Experience itself,and lastly how her plans changed based on her experience

I. Prior to the Experience, Savanna enjoyed living a carefree lifestyle in doing what ever made her happy
A. She loved to go shopping
1. Every weekend she would go shopping to stay up to date with the latest trend
2. she had a fetish for buying expensive clothing items
B. Planned to attended a very high-end college
1.To be surrounded with people who shared her same interest in the lavish trendy lifestyle
2. it was more costly to attend so in fact she thought it would be more beneficial
Transition: Now that I have told you why Savanna wants to attend a high-end college, allow me to share with you a experience that changed her complete outlook on life.
II. Savanna went on a missions trip with her church to Camden, New Jersey
A. First thing she notice was a barefoot teenage homeless girl on the side of the street trying to teach herself reading a crumbled newspaper article,this was emotional for savanna
1. Garbage,animal and human waste filled the air and the teenage girl still manage to bare the harsh condition’s and still focus on article
2. Savanna’s Teacher informed her that most of the kids in Camden are faced with poverty and do not have the same privileges you have
B. This Experienced began to Change Savanna’s outlook on life
1. This instantly made Savanna realize how ungrateful and unappreciative she had been all her life
2. She began to reconsider the plans she initially had for the future
Transition:Now that you are aware of the...

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