A Water Resource Plan: How to Stop the Decline of Fish Stock

A Water Resource Plan: How to Stop the Decline of Fish Stock

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A Water Resource Plan: How to stop the decline of fish stock

The oceans saltwater fish like the big prize winners are becoming almost non-existent. Because of overfishing or pollution, but most of it is because of the fishing. Fishing trolleys’ and small fishing boats go out on the sea, and capture the oceans fish supply. This is vastly becoming a problem for our oceans waters, and our need for consumption. A fisherman named Pete Dupuis, who hunts for Tuna and Swordfish, says that the ocean is very large, and there are plenty of fish out there you just need to know where to look basically. But, he feels that denying the fishermen the right to go and collect the fish would be wrong. He does not think that this will help in the solution that Jeremy Jackson from the Scripps Institute of Oceanography suggest. Mr. Jeremy Jackson thinks or feels that the need for fishing should be cut down to either a third or maybe even 4o to 50 percent, so that the fish can re-populate. Because if the fishermen continue on this path the oceans waters will be completely wiped out, and there may not be a choice, but to stop.

Along with all of this there are several different issues that play in the decline of the fish; here are just some of the reasons. Land run off; this is hurting the growth of the fish population. By where fish go along the shores of the coast to lay their eggs, these coastal shores are disintegrating to where the eggs are being destroyed. Climate change; is another big factor that plays into this role for the declining of fish. We also are not sure how much oxygen is in the oceans due to the amount of carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere. Another problem that we face is over-exploitation and overfishing. Fishing industries are trying to protect jobs with the help of the government by spending billions of dollars. Besides the fact that many fishermen catch more than what they are suppose to. Consumer demand; is another strong factor that creates...

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