A Welcome-Back Activity

A Welcome-Back Activity

Dear Principal,

We have heard that you are planning a welcome back activity for all students. We have a very good idea and we would like to share it with you, hoping that you will take it seriously. We think that a very exciting and fun activity to welcome us could be a barbecue because everyone loves food, it is outdoors, and we could play a lot of games.

First, everyone loves food. When you have a barbecue, everyone gets together and enjoys different kinds of food like hamburgers and hot dogs. Also, we can eat a delicious grilled chicken with fries and salad. Barbecue food is very easy to prepare, so teachers and administrators do not have to spend too much time cooking. On the contrary, they can share more time with us. In this way, both teachers and students will enjoy and remember this activity fondly.

Second, a barbecue is an outdoor activity. Doing outdoor activities is always an interesting and motivating way to make all students get together. We could do it on the football field where, as you know, there is a lot of space for lots of people. We can talk about everything we did on our vacation, share our experiences and meet new students joining our school. In addition, school starts in August and at that time of the year, the weather is usually awesome and suitable for this kind of activity.

Third, when we meet again after vacation, we enjoy being together, talking to each other, and particularly playing games. If we have a barbecue on the football field, we will have enough room to play different games such as relay races, soccer, football, basketball and so on. Likewise, we can have other sports competitions or contests. Moreover, sharing with our friends and playing games are cool ways to start the new school year.

All in all, we think that you should consider the idea of having a welcome back barbecue because it will be fun and exciting. Everyone could bring something different to eat and drink. In this way, there will be a...

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