A Woman Who Changed History Forever

A Woman Who Changed History Forever

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Alexis Morales October 22, 2008
Period 5

Douglas Brinkley wrote a very detailed biography on Rosa Parks, a woman who changed history forever. He speaks of her house in which she was born and the religious background in which she grew up. She was an African American growing up in the time where they were considered nothing but stupid individuals not worth a penny. She marked history not only for being African American but standing up for what she knew was right and justice.

Brinkley states she was born on February 4, 1913, and describes the day with clear skies and warm weather. He describes the types of day to almost illustrate her, she like the sky is pure and clear and grows up to warm hearted just like the day. She was named after her grandmother helping his audience understand her family was close and she kept a family name. Little details like this help create a starting image of Rosa Parks who know very little about her, but makes sure to keep a positive thought going about her.

Brinkley describes Parks’ house as something old and not perfect “shows a plywood shanty fronted by six wobbly steps leading to a porch.” It has everything a house is supposed to have just not quite as perfect as soon thinks. Most people who think about other famous people think they are perfect and have everything and become famous sometimes because of their family. Well in Rosa Parks’ that is not the case. She was born a home where rocks were thrown in her living room and a picket fence marked her property. Although the house may seem trash that is something special about it just like Rosa Parks, there is a star carved on the roof. No one is actually sure of what it represents but they do know its something special. Rosa Parks was not just an African American; she changes the lives of her fellows African Americans forever.

Rosa Parks’ religion was strong; it started with just music coming to from a church to something that she would worship...

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