Alex Greenwood 9/9/08 Composition 101 High School English

English was not my favorite class in High School but I did come out of the classes with much better reading and writing skills. The types of writing I did in High School were some essays on certain topics or on books we read in class. These essays we were required to write were usually anywhere from 2-4 pages in length, had a strong attention grabbing opening paragraph, good supporting information in the middle and a good ending paragraph. Writing was a big part in my High School English classes and I believe it prepared me well enough for college here at Salem State.

Teachers at Gardner High School (the High School I attended) expected a lot out me when I wrote. They would find every missing punctuation, grammar mistake and any other errors possible and then show me on my paper so the next time I write an essay I could fix it to make my papers much better. Sometimes we would do short writing assignments in the classroom and our teacher would come around the room and check our work and show us right there the proper way to write and how we can make our writing better. This was very helpful because it showed me what I was doing wrong before I continued writing.

Half of the writings originated from class reading and the other half were creative writings. Not much peer editing was done at Gardner. Rough drafts for the writing in my English classes were optional and most of the time I chose not to do write one because I like to just think and write as I go. After I am done my work I proofread it and change anything I don’t like or incorrect.

I believe I gained a descent amount of knowledge throughout my High School writing experience and it can help me greatly in college. The reading and writing assignments I worked on should help along with all the extra help from my teachers. Everything about my High School writing experience wasn’t all positive though. Some...

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